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India Tour Operators in Bangalore

Start date: February 6 2012 / Duration: 10 years

Bangalore, the capital city of south Indian state Karnataka is undoubtedly a great place of business for many tour operators, who conduct domestic and international tours from Bangalore. The city of Bangalore itself has many places of attraction that draw thousands of tourists every year. The India tour operators in Bangalore offer complete package tours that cover cities like Mysore, Mangalore and places like Hampi, Coorg and so many other places.

They also offer some exclusive rejuvenating ayurvedic tour packages in, around Bangalore, and to some very well known ayurvedic centers in other states like Kerala. This is especially aimed at international tourists coming to India. Some of them even offer packages like "Tour and Learn" which are specially designed for international tourists who want to experience India and at the same time to learn the languages and traditional arts like Bharat Natyam, Carnatic music etc.

They also offer domestic tourists some exclusive packages like honeymoon India tours for newly married couples, family packages for people who want to vacation with their whole family. Some of the tour operators even go to the extent of including an insurance policy that covers life and any injuries too, as part of their tour packages. This is definitely something very assuring to the holidaymakers.

The tour operators in Bangalore made it so easy for both domestic and international vacationists to plan their trip completely online by subscribing to all the required services that take care of their travel arrangements, accommodation, pickups and drops. The tour operators provide excellent online and offline support for all their domestic and international customers throughout their trip and round the clock.

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