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Alone on the Wall



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In the realm of free solo climbing – climbing peaks without ropes – Alex Honnold is the best in the world.  Honnold, a bumbling and slightly geeky kid becomes a poised, graceful and calculated climber able to complete the hardest free solos.  With his sights set on Yosemite’s iconic 600-metre Half Dome wall, Alex first travels to Utah to conquer the 370-metre Moonlight Buttress.  It takes all of his mental efforts to focus on the climb, with 300-metres of air – and no rope – beneath him.  Honnold has developed his own mental armour to protect him from thinking too much while climbing, but when he’s standing on a sliver of a ledge 550 metres above Yosemite’s Half Dome wall, his armour runs thin.  To Honnold, doubt is the biggest danger and he experiences a feeling of dread like never before.  Pulling himself together, Alex completes the 600-metre climb – something that can take other climbers days to complete – in under 3 hours cementing his place in free soloing history.

RhianonJustin - 18 days ago

For the sake of learning a lot of things we should be dealing with it in a way that we would be getting it. - YOR Health

amy666 - 5 months ago

The video was just amazing. I think Alex Honnold has some supernatural powers to have

this much courage and determination to climb deadly walls like these. He is really a hero.

It was really a shocking video. Thanks a lot for sharing.

more here

chris78 - 9 months ago

Solo climbing is dangerous. At the beginning one should avoid climbing alone. Download this secretary resume to hire a secretary.

RichardGreaves - 2 years ago

Just looking at Honnold climbing that shear rock wall and peering down to certain death is able to make me hold my breath in anticipation. I wonder what kinds of emotions and thoughts are running through his mind when he actually does the climb. He will definitely go down history as one of the bravest men in history.

MyRelease - 2 years ago

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iclimb - 3 years ago

Alone On The Wall was our favorite episode from the First Ascent Series. You can also find more free professional climbing videos at

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